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Thank you for your interest in IU Scholarships! Review the details of the scholarships below and their eligibility requirements to determine if you should complete the application. Your application will not be forwarded to reviewers unless you meet all the qualifications for the scholarship.

For scholarship eligibility purposes, do not use an email account that you share with someone else, even if it is a parent or sibling. Using a shared email may delay or postpone the processing of your scholarship application(s). If you do not already have an IU email address, you should create one; see the IU Knowledge Base article, Create first computing accounts for admitted students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and those returning to IU.

Note: Please be sure to remove any critical data such as Social Security Number (SSN), or bank account numbers, from your documentation prior to uploading it into your application. For more information on how to securely redact your data please refer to the following IU Knowledge Base article.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$0.00 IUB-Elliott Criminal Justice Careers Fund - Internship
This opportunity designates funds to defray undergraduate internship...
$0.00 IUPUI-Minority Engineering Program of Indianapolis - SS (Engineering and Technology)
The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI, is pleased to...
$1,000 IUS-Lee H. Hamilton Scholars Award
This scholarship is awarded to residents of the Indiana 9th...
varies IUK-Kanter Memorial
For undergraduate students majoring in the biological and physical...
$0.00 IUB-Donna Ray Scholarship
This gift will be awarded annually as undergraduate scholarships for...
$250.00 IUB-Glenn Schober Memorial Fellowship
This Fellowship funds travel and registration fees for graduate students...
$0.00 IUB-IU Bloomington School of Nursing Red Scrubs Scholarship
$0.00 IUB-James F. Maurer Scholarship
For current IU Bloomington liberal arts undergraduates in the College of...
Variable amounts IUB-John R. and Wendy L. Kindig Scholarship - Biology
Undergraduate scholarships for continuing students who are enrolled in...
$0.00 IUB-Margaret R. Edmondson Award - Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship
Given annually to a member of Phi Beta Kappa on the IUB campus who...
Varies IUB-Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Fund
Scholarships for undergraduate students in the Robert A. and Sandra S....
Varies IUB-Roderick D & Helen Kinnear Mackenzie Scholarship (Nursing)
This Scholarship was created by Sheona Mackenzie and Neil Theobald in...
Varies IUB-Sanders-Weber Fellowship Fund
Fellowships for Indiana residents enrolled on the Bloomington Campus of...
Up to $1000 IUB-William P. Ziemer Student Assistance Fund
Funds to support undergraduate and graduate students in the Department...
$500 IUPUI-Addiction Recovery Scholarship (Health and Wellness)
The Office of Health and Wellness Promotion in the Division of Student...
$5,000 IUPUI-Lawrence M. Borst Internship (O'Neill SPEA)
This unique fellowship provides financial support for an internship for...
varies IUPUI-O’Neill School Making a Difference Internship Scholarship (O’Neill SPEA)
Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students in the O’Neill...
varies IUPUI-Paul H. O’Neill Fellowships (O’Neill SPEA)
Fellowships established by Paul H. O’Neill to create a cadre of...
$3,000 IUS-Martha Stem Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts
This scholarship is awarded to full-time students enrolled in the Fine...
$3,500-$5,000 IUS-Sean Paul Charles Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen who are graduating from...
Varies IUB-Students in Transition Scholarships
Adult Student Scholarships – For IU Bloomington undergraduates with an...
$500 IUB-Elliott Criminal Justice Careers Fund - Professional Development
This opportunity designates funds to graduate students, majoring in...
$0.00 IUB-Annexstad Family Foundation Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship
Awarded annually to IU Bloomington undergraduates.
$0.00 IUB-Barbara Travis Corning Memorial Scholarship
Awarded annually to IU Bloomington students.
$1,000.00 IUB-Bill Shipton LGBTQ+ Scholarship
Awarded to sophomores, juniors, or seniors on the Bloomington campus who...
$0.00 IUB-Carol Conner Franklin Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduates who are members of the Delta...
Varies IUB-Cox Scholars Supplemental Funding Application
Application for a supplemental scholarship from the Cox Scholars Program...
Varies IUB-Delta Zeta Epsilon Chapter Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduates who are members who are...
$1500 minimum IUB-Deltas Dr. Mary Ethel Lane Cobb Scholarship
Each year, the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life awards the IU...
variable IUB-EAS Conference Travel Support
Funding for EAS conference travel supports. Applications materials...
Varies IUB-EAS Travel Scholarship/Fellowship
$0.00 IUB-HLS Direct Admit Pool
Varies IUB-John A. Schram Family Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduates who are active members of the...
$0.00 IUB-John Edward Leonard Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduates who are eligible members of the...
$0.00 IUB-Judge John L. Niblack Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduate who is a freshman member of Beta...
Varies IUB-Kappa Delta Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduates who are members of Kappa Delta...
Varies IUB-Laurie A. Hauca-Kohn Memorial Scholarship
The Scholarships will be given to a female student(s) in the Greek...
$0.00 IUB-Marguerite E. Smith Class of 1923 Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduates for worthy and needy students...
Varies IUB-Mrs. Clyde Dreisbach Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington undergraduates who are members of the Sigma Nu...
Varies IUB-OEM First Nations Scholarship
Awarded annually to IU Bloomington undergraduates who are of Native...
$0.00 IUB-Ronald and Elizabeth Jobe Scholarship
Awarded annually incoming freshmen on the Bloomington campus who have a...
Varies IUB-Satinover and Sedgh Greek Leaders Scholarship
This scholarship is designated for freshmen, sophomore, and/or junior...
Up to $5000 resident and $9000 non-resident IUB-Scott MacDonald Scholars Program II
Preference will be given to a student who does not qualify for federal...
Varies IUB-W. Stewart "Stewie" Gordon Scholarship
Awarded to undergraduate students who are members of the Lambda Chi...
varies IUB-William C. Menke Scholarship
Awarded to IU Bloomington students with consideration given to...
Varies IUS-IU Southeast KEES Match Scholarship
IU Southeast is the most affordable four-year institution in the region,...
$0.00 IUS-IU Southeast Transfer Scholarship
IU Southeast offers transfer scholarships for students who are currently...
Varies IUB-Matias L. Ochoada Scholarship
Undergraduate and graduate fellowships. The Scholarship will be given to...
Varies Any campus-Asian Alumni Association (ALUM)
The Asian Alumni Association, along with the IU Alumni Association,...
Varies Any campus-Charles and Jo Ann Linsmith Scholarship (ALUM)
Scholarships for the children and/or grandchildren of current employees...