IUPUI-SHJ Community Service Leaders (Service Learning)

As part of the IUPUI Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program, IUPUI Community Service Leaders (CSLs) is a scholarship opportunity for undergraduate students who are enrolled full time for the 2020-2021 academic year and who have previously served as a Sam H. Jones scholar.

Community Service Leaders (CSLs) are responsible for the planning of campus wide community service and civic engagement events and the mentoring of other Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholars. The program is designed to identify leaders that are best suited for leading specific events and programs based upon their knowledge, skills, expertise, and interests. View more information about each CSL position descriptions:https://csl.iupui.edu/programs/scholarships/service-leaders.html.

Additionally CSLs must:
• Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75
• Attend the mandatory Community Service Leader Orientation in August
• Represent IUPUI in a positive manner while completing 10 office hours per week
• Complete the tasks required for the specific CSL position you are assigned. View full list of CSL position descriptions:https://csl.iupui.edu/programs/scholarships/service-leaders.html..
• Attend mandatory scholar trainings/meetings on Fridays once a month
• Act as a site leader at various campus-wide service events, including SECRET Service Day, United Way Day of Caring, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, and César Chávez Day of Service
• Attend an overnight Service Scholar Retreat
• Meet consistently with your staff advisor and act as support staff for community service and civic engagement events and programs

Supplemental Questions
  1. IUPUI Service Learning - Are you a prior Sam H Jones Service Scholar?
  2. IUPUI Community Service Leaders
    • 1. Tell us your IUPUI "story." What events, organizations, people, or other experiences have shaped your time in college or journey to college? (You may answer this question how you feel most comfortable, e.g., essay, bulleted list, poem, or creative/artistic response).
    • 2. What social issues are most important to you? How have you addressed them in your community? Please respond in essay form with a limit of 500 words.
    • 3.Please list all of your anticipated commitments for the 2020-2021 academic year (Classroom credit hours, work – full time hours and part time hours, extracurricular activities, etc.)
    • 4. Upload your current resume as a PDF.
    • 5. What is the best phone number to contact you, if selected for an interview?
  3. IUPUI -Preferences for CSL positions
    • 1. Please select your top three (3) preferences for Community Service Leader positions, link to list is in the help text. (In order of preference) Note: If applying for CSL mentor positions, you must have been a part of a Sam H. Jones program in the past.
    • 2. For each position you identified above, please write one paragraph explaining (1) why you want that position; (2) what skills/abilities you believe you can bring to that position; and (3) how you think that position can help you grow personally.