IUB-STARS/IFLE Research Programs

Are you interested in participating in either of the two programs below?

  • Science, Technology, and Research – As a STARS participant, you’ll begin working in a research lab the first semester of your freshman year under the guidance of a faculty mentor, who will train you on research methods and help you develop an independent research project. STARS students are expected to spend approximately ten hours per week in the lab.
  • Integrated Freshman Learning ExperienceIFLE integrates the study and research in biology, biochemistry and neuroscience in two unique phases: a 6 week summer intensive research lab experience and a three module research based biological sciences honors course. As an IFLE student, you’ll come to campus the summer before your freshman year for an intensive six-week research experience. You’ll be paired with a faculty mentor who will help you carry out an independent research project. When the school year begins, you’ll participate in a research-based honors course that will allow you to delve even further into your area of study.

Research opportunity
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you interested in the Science, Technology, and Research Scholars (STARS) program?
  2. Are you interested in the Integrated Freshman Learning Experience (IFLE) program?
  3. Respond to the following prompt using no more than 500 words. This essay will help determine if you are a strong candidate for a research-centered scholarship.
    • In your opinion, what are the essential attributes of a research scholar? What distinguishes a “scholar” from other students? What academic and personal experiences have led to your interest in conducting significant research over the four years of your undergraduate program? Describe a research area or scholarly/creative activity that you want to pursue. Explain how the pursuit of this research theme will enrich your experience as an undergraduate student.