IUB-Colonel Bayard Franklin Floyd Memorial Fund in Microbiology

Open to any Ph.D. student performing research in microbiology, who is in good standing, and in years 2-5 of his/her graduate studies. Must be engaged full-time in dissertation or thesis-related activities during the summer.

Various Amounts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Description of Current Research
  2. Summer Research Plan and Timeline
  3. Progress report from previous Floyd funding
  4. I acknowledge that I will inform my faculty recommender they must address the following points in their letter: 1. Intellectual prowess 2. Independence as a research 3. Ownership of the project 4. Productivity on the project 5. Committee meetings (Has the student met with thesis committee; is the commitee supportive of the current research plan?) 6. Comment on progress toward degree and the projected completion date