IUS-Study Abroad Scholarships

Supplemental Questions
  1. IUS-Study Abroad Scholarships
    • a) Phone Number
    • b) Were you enrolled at IU Southeast during the last two semesters?
    • c) Do you plan to enroll at IU Southeast when you return?
    • d) To which study abroad program have you applied?
    • e) Please specify the length of the program in months and/or weeks.
    • f) Have you been accepted into the study abroad program?
    • g) What is the estimated total cost of the study abroad program, including airfare?
    • h) Have you applied to any other financial aid source(s) to cover the cost of the study abroad program?
    • i) If you answered "Yes" to the question above, please provide the name of the financial aid source(s), and the amount of aid requested.
    • j) Provide a statement of purpose for your study abroad program.
    • k) Please provide the name and email address of a professor at IU Southeast who is willing to write a letter of recommendation to support your scholarship application.
    • l) What academic unit is the professor associated with?