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Thank you for your interest in IU Scholarships! Review the details of the scholarships below and their eligibility requirements to determine if you should complete the application. Your application will not be forwarded to reviewers unless you meet all the qualifications for the scholarship.

For scholarship eligibility purposes, do not use an email account that you share with someone else, even if it is a parent or sibling. Using a shared email may delay or postpone the processing of your scholarship application(s). If you do not already have an IU email address, you should create one; see the IU Knowledge Base article, Create first computing accounts for admitted students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and those returning to IU.

Note: Please be sure to remove any critical data such as Social Security Number (SSN), or bank account numbers, from your documentation prior to uploading it into your application. For more information on how to securely redact your data please refer to the following IU Knowledge Base article.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies IUSB-Chad Edward Pearson Memorial Scholarship (IU Foundation)
Awarded annually to a student at IU South Bend who has completed at...
$500 IUSB-FALL 2024 ACE Scholarship
The ACE Scholarship is a $500 per semester scholarship to degree seeking...
Based on published in-state tuition and required fees. Amount will vary by student. IUSB-TIRE RACK SCHOLARS
Minimum Requirements: Seeking an undergraduate degree, be enrolled...
$500 IUI-Elkhart County Dental Society (E.C.D.S) Memorial Trust Fund
Given to needy students. The recipients should be residents of Elkhart...
$0.00 IUSB-Frank and Marsha Martin Scholarship
Frank & Marsha Martin Scholars are academically distinguished students...
$0.00 IUSB-Herbert Presidential Scholarship
Herbert Presidential Scholars are high achieving students that display...
$17,555.60 IUSB-Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics Scholarship
Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics Scholars have...
varies IUSB-Dorothy S. Corson Bicentennial Scholarship for Nursing
This scholarship is given to a student majoring in Nursing. Recipients...
$0.00 IUSB-Halpin Slagh Paralegal Scholarship
It is the intent of the Donor, and the Foundation agrees, that these...
Varies IUSB-Jeffrey & Diane Crabtree IU South Bend Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Graduate student in good standing in their second year in Master of...
$0.00 IUSB-Lester & Elizabeth Lamon Scholarship
It is the intent of the Donor, and the Foundation agrees, that income...
$0.00 IUSB-Valerie Kamm Parshall Scholarship
Criteria to award: Undergraduate, Minimum 2.5 GPA, Renewable every year,...