IUB-Steve and Jane Malashock Intern Scholarship - Summer

This gift is used to support scholarships for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have secured internships with arts organizations, museums, corporations, or any similar pre-professional experience that, in the estimation of the selection committee, is related to their study of art, design, or art history. First preference will be given to students studying studio art. Second preference will be given to students who are studying art history, fashion design, and/or apparel merchandising

Supplemental Questions
  1. College of Arts and Sciences Internship Scholarship Application
    • a. Internship Employer - provide full name and address of organization.
    • b. Have you received a written offer for this internship position?
    • c. Please provide your title and work department for the internship.
    • d. Please upload a copy of your written offer letter.
    • e. Have you accepted this offer?
    • f. Date by which you need to accept or decline the offer.
    • g. Please provide your supervisor's name and contact information.
    • h. How many hours per week will you be working?
    • i. How many weeks will your internship last?
    • j. What is your stipend or compensation amount? Indicate rate of compensation such as $15/hour, $500/week, or total
    • k. Please provide an estimate of your total housing cost during the internship.
    • l. Please articulate any personal goals or learning objectives you have for yourself in this experience.
    • m. Please write a brief job description highlighting your primary duties and any special projects you will be responsible for during the internship.
    • n. Why do you need this scholarship money?
    • o. How much funding are you seeking for this internship?