IUI-Indianapolis World Police & Fire Games Scholarship (O'Neill SPEA)

Current full-time and retired police officers and firefighters in the state of Indiana are eligible to receive money to support undergraduate or graduate coursework at IUI.

Supplemental Questions
  1. WPFG Questions
    • 1. Please upload documentation verifying employment of full-time or retired police officer or firefighter in the State of Indiana. Proof of current employment may be an offer letter or letter from HR or supervisor confirming full-time role or a pay stub with personal information removed. Retired: proof of retirement letter from past employer. Letters must be on company letterhead or from a company email account.
    • 2. Are other members of your family police officers or firefighters?
    • 3. If yes, briefly share details. If no, please put "NA"
    • 4. Did you or members of your family participate as an athlete or volunteer in the Games?
    • 5. If yes, briefly share details. If no, please put "NA"
    • 6. Discuss why you chose your profession, how a college education will help you improve your job performance, and what recent extracurricular, community service and/or public service activities relate to your current profession.
  2. Additional suppporting documentation.