IUB-Hudson & Holland Scholars Current Student Application

The Hudson & Holland Scholarship Alternative Application is open to current IU Bloomington undergraduates applying to the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program. Please note that current HHSP Scholars are not elilgible for this program.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Indiana University students contribute in many ways to what has long been recognized as a rich community of diverse ideas, cultures, and experiences. Being a part of a dynamic research school, IU is also passionate about topics of interest and concern within the community. Please review the essay prompt below and click submit when you have selected your file for upload. - Answer 1 time.
    • Please research and write an original essay on a topic that reflects your own intellectual interests and impacts the community around you. This essay should demonstrate your analytical writing abilities. Your topic should be supported with persuasive and concrete evidence, and you should cite all sources. We have provided a few suggestions below on this question, but these need not limit your choice or your creativity. Your essay should be approximately 600-1,000 words; the works cited page is not included in word count.