IUB-Edward J. Pinto Student Legal Services Fellowship

Every year Student Legal Services (SLS) awards a scholarship to one of it’s legal interns. The amount varies, but is generally between $500 and $1000. All currently enrolled SLS interns are eligible.

Supplemental Questions
  1. IUB-Pinto SLS Questions
    • 1. Dates of employment at Student Legal Services
    • 2. Did you file a FAFSA for the current academic year?
    • 3. Are you an international student who cannot file a FAFSA? If your answer is yes, please include in your essay submission below an explanation of your financial need, and extenuating circumstances creating a financial need.
    • 4. Please submit an essay on why you think you are the most deserving intern based on the following criteria, according to the percentages shown: Financial need (50%) Academic achievement (25%) Service to SLS (25%)
    • 5. By submitting this scholarship application, I confirm that any essays or other requested materials for this application are my own original work. Any outside sources used in these submissions have been cited. I understand that information about my academic history and standing will be used in the process of evaluating my candidacy for scholarships and awards at the time applications are reviewed. I understand some awards may require additional application materials. I approve the release of my scholarship application information, recommendation(s), academic records, application contents, and appropriate financial information, including that gleaned from my Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to Student Legal Services, IU scholarship program offices and to non-university organizations involved in recipient selection for the purpose of scholarship consideration. I hereby certify that all information I submit to Indiana University is true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation of the facts may be cause for scholarship denial or cancellation.