IUB-Kathryn Ober Scholarship

Awarded annually to a undergraduate student who is a member of the sophomore, junior, or senior class of the Theta Chapter of Delta Gamma Fraternity, who demonstrates character through a set of values for their life which reflect high ideals and moral standards, scholarship and industry through an academic record reflecting not only a high level of achievement but also their efforts in its pursuit, and compassion through a genuine concern for the needs of others and the demonstration of a willingness to help them. Because, as part of its mission, Indiana University is committed to diversity, special consideration will be given to underrepresented populations, including but not limited to financially challenged students, and/or students with diverse cultural experiences. The Donors have a preference for a student who demonstrates faith through a belief in the existence of a Supreme Being and an eagerness to live their life under His guidance. A letter of recommendation is required from a non-student chapter representative.

Minimum of $5,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. A successful applicant for this scholarship must demonstrate character through a set of values for their life which reflect high ideals and moral standards. Please describe your value system and how it reflects your character.
  2. Please describe your faith beliefs.
  3. You must provide a letter of recommendation from a non-student chapter representative. Please either upload your recommendation letter below or provide the name and email address for your recommender so that they may submit their feedback directly into this scholarship application system.
    • If you have a letter of recommendation to upload, please do so below. Written letters should be on appropriate letter head, when possible.
    • Please provide the contact information for your non-student chapter representative if you do not have a letter to upload.
    • What is your relationship to the individual who provided your letter of recommendation?