IUI-International German Engineering Award (Liberal Arts)

Supports students in the German program who are also working toward a degree in Engineering or Technology.

Applicants must be full-time students or part-time undergraduate students majoring or minoring in German. If participating in a study abroad program, credits must apply to the German minor or major with program information and related cost information outlined. Applicants must be working toward a degree and provide a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

Applicant shall submit a 1-2 page essay explaining why the study of German is beneficial to overall academic and professional goals.

Supplemental Questions
  1. German Engineering
    • Are you minoring or majoring in German in addition to Engineering? (required)
    • Essay telling why you feel the study of German is beneficial to your overall academic and professional goals.
  2. If participating in a Study Abroad Program: program information and related costs.
  3. Provide your most recent IU unofficial transcript