IUI-CVR Barrier Busting (Liberal Arts)

It is the intent of the Donor, and the Foundation agrees, that this gift be used to support undergraduate scholarships for full-time sophomores, juniors, seniors pursuing a major in communication studies, journalism, applied theater, television, and film studies, or public relations in the School of Liberal Arts or graphic design in other schools on the IUI campus. Because, as part of its mission, Indiana University is committed to diversity, special consideration will be given to underrepresented populations, including but not limited to financially challenged students, and/or students with diverse culture experiences. The Donor has a preference for students who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color, or other historically marginalized populations. The Donor has an additional preference for one recipient, unless the available funds exceed the student’s established need, in which case additional recipients may be considered. The number, amount(s), and recipient(s) of the Scholarship will be determined by the Scholarship Committee of the School.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit an essay focusing on how will this opportunity assist you in achieving your career and/or personal goals (maximum 500 words).