IUI-Beaudry Summer Scholarship for French and Francophone Studies (Liberal Arts)

James G. Beaudry was an Assistant Professor of French in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUI. His academic interests were the ""Essais"" of Montaigne and French-speaking Candadian literature and civilization.

Believing that the study of a foreign language must include immersion in the culture, Beaudry and his wife, Agnes, have long been proponents of study abroad experience for their students. Professor Emeritus Beaudry endowed the Beaudry Summer Scholarship for French and Francophone Studies, as well as provided additional funds to renovate space to create a language resource center, known as the Beaudry Resource Center. Professor Emeritus Beaudry and his wife also established a planned gift to create a second scholarship, the Beaudry Scholarship for Prospective French Teachers, to allow students to study their craft in French universities. In recognition of their extraordinary generosity, Professor Emeritus James G. Beaudry received the IUI Spirit of Philanthropy Award in 2003. The Beaudry Summer Scholarship Fund for French and Francophone Studies promotes and encourages the cultural and linguistic development of IUI students majoring or minoring in French by providing scholarship support for the student to participate in an IU-accredited study abroad program in an French-speaking country during the summer session.

Preference will be given to an undergraduate French major in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUI. If no eligible major applies, the scholarship may be awarded to a student pursuing a French minor.

Essay: Write a 250-word essay that must include: your foreign study plans, your interest in French-speaking culture(s), the importance of your foreign study in your Liberal Arts education, information about your projected foreign study program (location, dates, costs).

Essays should be typed and double-spaced. Please do not include your name on the essay. Attach a cover sheet which includes your name and email address. Submit electronically as part of the application online.

A committee composed of the coordinator of French in the Department of World Languages and Cultures and all full-time faculty teaching French at IUI will review the applications and decide the student recipient.

up to $10,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Study abroad program information, description of program, and related costs.
  2. Study Abroad reference letter (You are responsible to check if the reference letter has been submitted. Double check the email address you enter, if an incorrect email is entered, there is no system error. You will be responsible to follow up with your reference and communicate with them about the request for a letter of recommendation.)
  3. Beaudry Scholarship - Write an essay that includes your foreign study plans, your interest in French speaking culture(s), and the importance of your foreign study in your Liberal Arts education.
  4. Provide your most recent IU unofficial transcript