IUI-Norman Brown Diversity and Leadership Scholars Program - Incoming Freshmen (NBDLSP)

IUI incoming freshmen pursuing their first undergraduate degree, who meet IUI regular admission requirements and have a minimum cumulative HS GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, are encouraged to apply.

  • The Norman Brown Diversity and Leadership Scholars Program (NBDLSP) recruits, retains, and prepares serious, academically gifted students who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and social justice. Program participants are encouraged to attain academic success, engage in leadership and civic activities, and prepare for a meaningful post-baccalaureate experience. To assist in this endeavor, the NBDLSP focuses on issues that support the academic achievement of all students, including those from populations historically underrepresented in institutions of higher education within the state of Indiana. Additionally, applicants must be permanent US residents or US citizens.

Up to $13,000 for an academic year (8 semesters) which includes a $5000 scholarship along with, if living in on-campus housing, an $8000 housing stipend.
Supplemental Questions
  1. Consider the identities that you hold. Which ones do you think about most, and how have they influenced or shaped your life experiences?
  2. How have you demonstrated the Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Scholarship's tenets of diversity, service, and leadership in your school, social, or family life?
  3. NBDLSP Required Reference Request (Incoming Freshman)
    • Provide the full names and emails of at least two references
  4. IUI Campus Housing Required Questions:
    • 1. Will you be applying for IUI campus housing by the March 15th priority consideration to live on-campus deadline?
    • 2. I understand that I am required to live in IUI on-campus housing to receive the $8,000 annual housing stipend portion of this scholarship.