IUI-Joan and Larry Cimino Scholarship in Intercultural Communication (Liberal Arts)

Joan and Larry Cimino have an abiding interest and desire to support the liberal arts and humanities as a foundation for fostering better intercultural understanding. Because of this, they created the Joan and Larry Cimino Award in Intercultural Communication to provide support to graduate students who are actively advancing our understanding of intercultural communications. Understanding between and among disparate cultures has challenged humankind throughout history; intercultural communication is a key element in achieving that understanding. This award is based on a belief that a disciplined approach to the study of intercultural communication can provide valuable insights toward achieving understanding among cultures. The study of intercultural communication is broadly defined to include research in areas such as language corpora, contrasting rhetoric, second language acquisition, second language pedagogy, language and communication theory, as well as other related fields.

This award supports graduate students actively enrolled in a degree program offered through one of the departments in the School of Liberal Arts (with course enrollment during the current academic year) who have submitted the best paper or thesis on advancing our understanding of intercultural communication as defined above.

Students submit their application electronically through the Liberal Arts application and upload their essay on the same site. The author’s name should appear only on the cover sheet, which will also include the title of the paper and the author’s address, phone number, and e-mail address.

  • Papers/these may be submitted that have been completed as part of a graduate course or program at IUI in any discipline in the IU School of Liberal Arts.
  • The paper submitted for this award should be without instructor comments.
  • Papers will conform to standard rules of citation found in the MLA or APA style sheets.
  • Selected recipient must agree to share the selected submission with the donors of this award.

No student application; faculty nominated and selected. Nominations are reviewed by a committee composed of the Director of the ICIC, selected faculty in TESOL and applied linguistics, and community members.

Supplemental Questions
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