IUPUI-Bonner Leader Program (Service Learning)

The Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program recognizes IUPUI students for previous service to their high school, campus, or community, and supports their continued involvement in educationally meaningful service, leadership, and social advocacy. The new Sam H. Jones Bonner Leader Program will provide selected students an ongoing cohort intended to help them develop their interest and skills related to civic engagement and leadership.

Bonner Leaders are selected through a competitive process open to incoming first-year students who are eligible for federal work-study awards. Applicants must meet regular admissions standards and have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Through the program each student will receive a $4,500 service based scholarship, renewable for all four years that students remain eligible in the program.

Bonner Leaders agree to enroll in at least 9 credit hours per semester, including a required service learning class for the first year cohort, and participate in planned community service activities during the year.

$4,500 / annually for 4 years
Supplemental Questions
  1. High transcript for incoming freshmen.
  2. Letter of Recommendation 1 - required
  3. Letter of Recommendation 2 - optional
  4. Bonner Leaders program - Commitment to community is an important aspect of the Bonner Leaders program. Why do you believe volunteering/service is important for our community? What ways have you acted as a leader in your community?
  5. What is the best phone number to contact you, if you are selected for an interview?