IUPUI-Senior Academy Scholarship for Returning Students

IUPUI incoming part or full-time returning or transfer students pursuing their first undergraduate degree, who meet regular admission requirements and have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA from previous college credits, are encouraged to apply.

  • The Senior Academy at IUPUI has established a scholarship program designed to help returning students finish their education. This scholarship helps fund tuition and books for students who, in the past, were out of college for at least three years after beginning a degree, but did not finish, and are now planning to re-enroll, or who are currently re-enrolled, to complete their first undergraduate degree. Applications will be reviewed and the awardee selected by the Senior Academy Scholarship Committee. Additionally, the awardee will be invited to a luncheon to be acknowledged as the year’s scholar and will receive a separate invitation from the Senior Academy at the time of the scholarship being offered.

Up to $3000 for the academic year
Supplemental Questions
  1. IUPUI-Senior Academy Returning Student Required Questions
    • How long has it been since you were last enrolled in classes to pursue your first undergraduate degree?
    • What was your cumulative GPA at the time you left your last institution?
    • Where were you last enrolled?
  2. Complete an essay on your academic goals, community service, and why your experience during your absence from school will enhance your successful completion of your academic goals.
  3. Have you completed the General Application sections describing your extra-curricular activities, work experience, leadership roles, etc.?
  4. IUPUI-Senior Academy Returning Reference Request
    • Provide the name and email of at least one recommendation provider