IUN-Eva Mintz Scholarship

It was the intent of the Donor, and the Foundation agrees, that this gift be used to support undergraduate
scholarships for sophomore, junior, and senior students at IU Northwest who are at least twenty-five
years old, have financial need, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Because, as part of its
mission, Indiana University is committed to diversity, special consideration will be given to
underrepresented populations, including but not limited to financially challenged students, and/or
students with diverse cultural experiences. The Donor has a first preference for female students who are
raising a family while pursuing a degree and a second preference for female students. The amount of the
Scholarship will be a minimum of $1,000. The Scholarship may be renewed provided the recipients
continue to meet the criteria outlined above. The number, amount(s), and recipient(s) of the Scholarship
will be determined by a scholarship committee of IU Northwest.