IUB-EAS Conference Travel Support

Funding for EAS conference travel supports. Applications materials include conference name and dates held, whether you are presenting and name of presentation, estimated expenses, and other sources of funding.

Supplemental Questions
  1. EAS Conference Travel Support
    • Are you a presenter?
    • Location of conference/meeting.
    • Name any co-author(s) of the paper you are presenting or enter N/A.
    • Name other sources of funding and amount provided.
    • Please provide the name of the conference/meeting and the dates being held.
    • Please provide your field of research (geophysics, paleontology, atmospheric, etc.)
    • Provide an estimate of expenses including registration fees, transportation, lodging, and per diem
    • Provide the title of your paper if you are presenting or enter N/A.
    • Provide your faculty advisor's name.