IUPUI-Cohen Family Scholarship (School of Education)

The scholarships benefactor, Dr. Michael Cohen, was inspired by his major professor, Verne N. Rockcastle at Cornell University, in manner similar to that of Charles R. Ault Jr. The following quote from Ault’s book Challenging Science Standards: A Skeptical Critique of the Quest for Unity, is particularly relevant. It states “My principle mentor, Verne N. Rockcastle, revealed how to find fascination everywhere and turn it to educational advantage. ‘Rocky’ taught me to be doggedly persistent in the connection of concepts to experiences.” This quote encompasses how Michael feels one should approach teaching.This gift be used to support an annual scholarship for an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the School of Education who demonstrates how he/she finds fascination everywhere and turns it to educational advantage and how he/she is doggedly persistent in the connection of concepts to experiences as determined by the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship may be renewed provided that the recipient remains enrolled in the School. The amount and recipient of the Scholarship will be determined by the Scholarship Committee of the School.

Supplemental Questions
  1. How has your thinking about teaching in an urban setting evolved since you began the teacher education program? Discuss the challenges you may still face and the progress you have made.
  2. Please describe how you find fascination everywhere and how you would turn that fascination in to educational advantage. Additionally, how are you doggedly persistent in the connection of concepts to experiences.
  3. Faculty letter of recommendation

    You are responsible to check if the reference letter has been submitted. Double check the email address you enter, if an incorrect email is entered, there is no system error. You will be responsible to follow up with your reference and communicate with them about the request for a letter of recommendation.