IUS-New Neighbors Scholarship

This $500 scholarship is awarded to students who have been in an English as a New/Second Language program during their PK-12 schooling and are applying to, or already attend IU Southeast as an undergraduate student. Recipients must be enrolled full-time and maintain a 2.5+ GPA. Preference will be given to students wanting to become teachers. The scholarship will be renewed for up to 4 years, provided the recipient is in a full-time undergraduate program and maintains a 2.5+ GPA. Recipients will be selected by the New Neighbors Advisory Board or the School of Education’s Scholarship Committee. Students must provide a letter from a school official verifying that they were identified as an ENL/ESL student at some point during their PK-12 schooling. This letter must be on official letterhead.

Supplemental Questions
  1. IUS-New Neighbors Scholarship (AY 21-22)
    • Please describe your journey as an English language learner, your goals for using your bilingual/bicultural skills in your profession, and how this grant will benefit you.
    • Please provide the name and e-mail address of an individual at your school who can confirm your participation in the English as a New Language program.